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Greyhound Adoption Application

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*Is that space fenced? If so what type of fence and what is the height in feet?

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*Are you willing and able to walk or let your greyhound outside
to relieve itself from 4 to 6 times daily? Yes No

Occasionally we have dogs for placement that have been injured, a broken bone, dropped muscle,
etc. They are rehabilitated before placement and usually do not have long term effects from injuries.
Would you consider adopting one of these dogs?

*Do you agree to keep a collar bearing identification tag on your greyhound at ALL times? Yes No

*Do you agree to notify FastK9's Greyhound Adoption Inc if, for any reason, you cannot keep your
greyhound, and further agree NOT to re-home the greyhound without the consent FastK9's Greyhound
Adoption Inc? Yes No

*Are ALL members of the household in TOTAL AGREEMENT about
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*Are you aware that the greyhound's racing career is over and
can NOT be re-activated? Yes No

*Do you currently own any pets? If yes, please list the type of pet, breed, sex and age of each pet:

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*Have you applied to adopt a retired racing greyhound from any other adoption group?
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